Every parent goes through the stage when they are trying to stop their child from climbing on everything, but there comes a time when you want to encourage them to climb. Rock climbing is a perfect sport for any age and ability. This makes it a perfect activity for children! Studies have shown many physical, mental, and social benefits that happen when children climb. Why not give it a try?

Rock Climbing Promotes Problem Solving Skills

When climbing, a child must figure out how to position their body and decide where to make their next move. It is just as much a mental sport as it is a physical sport. All of these decisions are completely up to the climber. It is their responsibility to figure out the consequences of those choices, whether they be good or bad. If they choose right, he can move forward and eventually finish the climb! If he chooses wrong and falls or doesn’t get the move right, it isn’t the end. The child learns to keep trying, even if their first attempt doesn’t work.

Every route the child climbs is different and gives them new problems to solve. These are necessary skills a child needs to have to succeed in the real world where so many choices are thrown their way on a daily basis.

Rock Climbing Instills Confidence

There are not very many things as fulfilling to a child as being able to do something they thought was hard. With rock climbing, a child is constantly pushing their limits and achieving new goals! This fuels their confidence and makes them feel like they can tackle anything. 

Climbing and overcoming fears, such as heights, helps boost self-esteem along with providing skills to overcome physical and mental struggles throughout life. 

Rock Climbing Develops Motor Skills

Children are notoriously clumsy and for a good reason. They are constantly learning how to handle their growing bodies! There is no better place or activity to let children grow their hand, foot, and eye coordination safely than rock climbing. Rock climbing has also been found to increase balance, flexibility, and agility in children and adults.

When climbing, a child must figure out how to position his feet and hands on the holds along with balancing and looking for their next move. When using both hands and feet on varying inclines and routes, it greatly increases a child’s perception.

Rock Climbing Encourages Endurance and Strength

Rock climbing is extremely fulfilling and fun, and it is a workout! However, unlike other sports, rock climbing is a very flexible sport that everyone can do and succeed at. You grow at your own pace, which is surprisingly fast with climbing. Rock climbing is a high endurance sport, which teaches children to never give up, even when they are tired. Climbing up 40+ feet is not an easy task. 

Just like any other sport or activity that is physically demanding, your body releases endorphins that make you feel great. Children thrive off of these endorphins and fall in love with climbing.

Alta Climbing and Kids

Alta loves kids! In fact, the four sibling owners fell in love with climbing when they were kids! Alta Climbing will offer summer camps, after-school programs, climbing classes, and recreational and competitive teams. Programs will be available for children and teens ages 3-18 with varying curriculum for ages. We look forward to opening and growing our Alta family!