What comes to mind when you consider rock climbing equipment? Few things are as crucial as good climbing shoes. You can discover that your climbs range from challenging to extremely dangerous if you don’t have the proper protection. Finding the ideal pair of rock climbing shoes might be challenging for those who are just starting out. In general, climbing shoes are made for particular types of climbing. 

First and foremost, your safety should always come first when rock climbing. You must exercise extreme caution because the action itself can be hazardous. In actuality, you can be putting yourself at risk if you’re not wearing rock climbing shoes. Rock climbing footwear has a unique construction that makes it better suited for climbing. You can better manage the rocks with these shoes thanks to their fitting and grip. This will enable you to carry out trickier rock climbing maneuvers that can lengthen and secure your climb. 

How do you choose the best climbing shoes for you?

For beginner climbers

You won’t be surprised to learn that there are numerous brands of climbing shoes. Additionally, like all shoes, some of these brands are known for having slightly higher quality than others. For novice climbers, neutral shoes are a fantastic option. The relaxed fit of these shoes ensures all-day comfort. They tend to be more comfortable since they let your toes lie flat inside the shoes. Look for a shoe with a thicker sole if you’re a rookie climber. As you improve your footwork technique, it will last longer and offer more support, preventing foot fatigue as soon. They frequently have thick rubber soles and medium-to-stiff midsoles for adequate support, and they are suitable for fitting into cracks due to their very flat profile.

The best choice that’s highly suggested for this type of shoe is the Black Diamond Momentum. It’s a great shoe for anyone looking for a high-quality, comfortable, all-around shoe at a reasonable price with solid construction. The price is around $89.95 and is often on sale.

For intermediate climbers

You’re going to have to step things up a little bit if you’re an intermediate climber doing intermediate climbs. For more demanding climbs or mountaineering, whether indoors or out, moderate shoes have a downturned form and are thinner than their neutral counterparts. Slab routes, crack climbs, lengthy multi-pitch climbs, and slightly overhung sport routes may all be accomplished with these all-purpose shoes. You may climb more difficult routes with downturned shoes because they put your feet in a stronger, more forceful stance than neutral shoes. These shoes often have thicker rubber and thinner soles for greater grip and feel. 

The best choice that’s highly suggested for this type of shoe is the La Sportiva Skwama. These were regarded as sort of the high-end shoe world’s paradox: superior performance yet comfortable to wear; simple to put on with a slipper design; rigid for toeing-in but gentle and sensitive for smearing. The Skwama is a high-performance slipper combination that really delivers as a delicate and potent shoe with a marginally lower price and higher comfort level than many in its category. The price is typically around $180.

For advanced climbers

Aggressive choices, the most technologically advanced climbing or bouldering shoe, offer the tightest fit. To put your feet in a forceful and sturdy stance for difficult overhanging climbs, these shoes have significantly downturned toes and plenty of heel tension. They are excellent for specialists performing complex climbs since they also let the climber execute a number of more complicated methods. Their design makes it possible to maneuver with incredibly fine precision, which might increase safety when on the rocks. In order to concentrate force over the toe for accurate landings on small holds, the majority of aggressive shoes have an asymmetrical design that slopes toward the big toe. Your feet are in a strong, forceful posture for overhanging sport climbs, gym routes, and boulder difficulties thanks to their extremely downturned form. 

The best choice that’s highly suggested for this type of shoe is the La Sportiva Miura VS. The Muria VS, a “high performance” shoe that performs admirably in a variety of fields, has established itself as a classic in its own right. No matter what discipline a climber is into, the Muira VS is an all-purpose tool that will enhance their ability. It simply performs well in all climbing scenarios. The price is usually around $185.

If the shoe fits…

It can be difficult to find the ideal pair of climbing shoes for you, but the effort is well worth it. You may maximize your comfort and extend your range of motion on the rocks by wearing the proper footwear for your feet. Additionally, keep your budget in mind when choosing the appropriate pair of shoes. Rock climbing shoes can range widely in price based on the brand and style, so be sure to investigate what typical pricing ought to be. 

Furthermore, regardless of the type of climb you are performing, you may increase your safety by wearing the proper footwear. Because of this, it’s crucial to be knowledgeable about selecting the best pair of climbing shoes. It can be daunting but in no time, you’ll be on your way to locating the ideal pair of climbing shoes of your own! If you are struggling to find a pair and still want to climb stop by Alta Climbing and we can rent you gear in the meantime!