Lace-Up Your Shoes!

Arizona is renowned for its pleasant weather and stunning desert scenery; it has long been regarded as a top destination for vacations. While exploring the Arizona wilderness on foot is enjoyable, nothing is more reviving than immediately plunging your toes into a cool, refreshing body of water. If that’s the kind of hiking adventure you’re searching for, see our recommendations for fantastic locations in Arizona that are ideal for your next water trek! We’re confident that one of these will be your favorite:

  1. Bell Trail | Wet Beaver Creek

Hikers love Bell Trail for its privacy and other benefits provided by a clean cool stream flowing through a beautiful desert canyon. This is the main trail used to reach Wet Beaver Creek Canyon and the Wet Beaver Wilderness. The trail begins at the trailhead and ascends from a bench high above the streambed, following the canyon’s contours. It’s vital to remember that the Bell Trail and the Wet Beaver Creek Wilderness areas are off-limits to camping and campfires, just for daytime use. A variety of side pathways descend to the water’s edge and point out where there are great swimming holes or well-liked fishing areas.

  1. Horton Creek Trail | Horton Creek

This walk meanders past waterfalls along Horton Creek and through gorgeous groves of pine. Since there is little to no phone service in this area, downloading the map in advance can be useful for getting started and navigating the area’s interconnecting paths. The walk progressively ascends along Horton Creek with spectacular waterfalls as it leaves the parking lot. You’ll probably run into other people while exploring because this is a very popular location for backpacking, camping, and hiking.

  1. Bull Pen Swimming Hole | West Clear Creek

Bull Pen appears to be a tropical paradise with its shimmering turquoise waters as it is tucked away in the Coconino National Forest. Beautiful landscape, incredible swimming holes, a really entertaining rope swing, and cliff leaping are just some of this hike’s attractions. This gives you a fantastic hike during the summer! The swimming hole and the area around it are shady, and there is plenty of space to set up everything you might need, from food to hammocks.

  1. Cibecue Creek Trail | Cibecue Falls

Given its splendor, it is surprising that Cibecue Falls is not a more well-known hike in Arizona. Although it can be challenging to reach the trailhead, this path is well worth taking. You’ll have to cross the creek multiple times on this walk, so be prepared to get wet. When you need to cross, you can clearly see where you are stepping because the water is so clear. While trekking, keep in mind to look up and around since there are some of the most breathtaking vistas of the canyon walls there. While you’ll want to take attention to your feet as you make your way up the tiny canyon, the sights are breathtaking.

  1. Clear Creek Trail | Cheyava Falls

Cheyava Falls is a thrilling backpacking destination deep inside the Grand Canyon. It skillfully blends traditional trails, popular campgrounds, and remote, untamed trekking. There are plenty of opportunities for birdwatching, camping, and trekking along this trail, and you probably won’t run into many other people. Bring lots of water with you on the long hike to Clear Creek, the only source of water that is consistently safe to drink. A few days should be spent exploring Clear Creek because it’s an intriguing, off-the-beaten-path location.

  1. The Douglas Spring Trail | Bridal Wreath Falls

Bridal Wreath Falls is a moderately popular path that offers stunning scenery, sporadic wildlife sightings, and excellent views of Tucson. Continue down the Douglas Spring Trail until you reach Bridal Wreath Falls. This hike’s well-defined pathways, which include numerous mile markers and directions you’ll discover along the way, are one of its best features. There is little to no shade on the trail. During the long, sweltering summer days, be sure to protect yourself with sunscreen or a hat.

  1. Waterfall Trail | Fossil Creek

At Fossil Creek, Waterfall Trail is the most visited location. Goers spend the day bathing at a natural waterfall that is reached via a mile-long route that follows the creek. This enjoyable hike highlights the natural splendor of Fossil Creek. Miles of magnificent water features and quiet, crystal-clear swimming holes can be found in Fossil Creek. In the summer, this region can get quite warm. Bring a lot of water with you. To avoid paying a charge for littering or garbage dumping, take all of your rubbish with you when you leave.

  1. Apache Falls | Salt River Canyon

One of Arizona’s best-kept secrets is Apache Falls. The Salt River Canyon Falls are a breathtaking sight to see and are conveniently located. Because of their size and the volume of water that flows over them, Apache Falls in the Salt River Canyon is one of the few waterfalls in Arizona that is in a river rather than a creek. Bring water and food even though the trip is short and simple because there are many places to sit and lie down for some peaceful sunbathing. If you choose to stop by during the warmer months, don’t forget to pack a swimsuit for a refreshing plunge!

  1. West Fork Oak Creek Trail | Oak Creek Canyon

One of the nicest hikes in Sedona, an area already renowned as a hiker’s paradise, is up the west fork of Oak Creek. This seven-mile hike is ideal if you want to fight the heat because it is partially shaded by trees and has imposing canyon walls. The excursion is perfect for the hot summer months because the stream flows gently, the climb is quite pleasant and peaceful, and it stays cool because only sporadic sunshine reaches the canyon floor. The foliage becomes rich colors in the fall.

When hiking in Arizona, keep in mind to pack enough water and snacks and to pay attention to the weather. Arizona offers amazing surroundings that are just waiting to be discovered, and you may go exploring there whenever you like. Long into the fall and winter seasons, Arizona’s hiking sites provide views of the desert and unique experiences. Simply choose a trail and lace your shoes to get started!