Bouldering League Season 5 2024 at Alta Boulders, Chandler.

Bouldering League is a friendly 6-week bouldering adventure in which teams of 4 will compete for points determined by the boulder problems completed each week based on his/her handicap.

  1. Climbers will assemble a team of 4 participants. If unable to do so climbers may sign up as a free agent and will be randomly assigned to a team.
  2. All scorekeeping and logging will be done within the KAYA app.
  3. Points are awarded based on KAYA’s handicap system (registered max grade).EX: If a climber has a V5 handicap, they will receive 100 points for a V5. If they have a V10 handicap, they will receive 100 points for a V10. Each grade deviation is +/- 10 points.
  4. KAYA has sandbag-detection that will help prevent people from being in the wrong handicap group.
  5. Each attempt after the flash go will result in a 1pt deduction to a maximum of -10 points. Competitors will record each flash, attempt, and send in real-time in KAYA.
  6. Climbers will be able to climb League Problems anytime between Friday and Wednesday of the week they were set. 
  7. A problem can only be counted once per person each week.
  8. Climbs “Expire” on Wednesday of each week. Leaving them no longer available to collect points for.
  9. Individual scores will be displayed on the KAYA leaderboard in real-time
  10. T-Shirts and prizes will be awarded at Finals night on 9/27, at 5:00pm.

Registration can be done by a full team or by an individual participant
4 Climbers per team
Free Agents will be assigned to a team by staff members a week prior to the start of the league
No Substitutions

Registration includes league night participation, bouldering league shirt/tank, finals night, raffle entry during finals.


Teams can climb on any day beginning Friday at 5 pm through Wednesday at 9pm. Your entire team does not need to be present to count climbs.

Climbing Days:
Weeks 1 through 6 Run Friday at 5pm – Wednesday at 9pm.
Week 1: 8/23 – 8/28
Week 2: 8/30 – 9/4
Week 3: 9/6 – 9/11
Week 4: 9/13 – 9/18
Week 5: 9/20 – 9/25
Week 6 (Finals Night): 9/27


How can I sign-up?
Either online or at the Alta Boulders or Alta Climbing Front Desk.

How much does it cost?
$100/team ($25/person) for registration.

How many people are on a team?

What if I don’t have a team?
You may sign up as a free agent. We will assign you a team!

Do I need to climb on a specific day/night each week?
Weeks 1-6 run Friday at 5pm until closing on Wednesday. Teams do not have to stick to climbing on the same night each week. You are welcome to climb on any day and don’t have to compete on the same day as your team.

Can I climb on the new Bouldering League problems before my chosen climbing session?
Absolutely not! The first session you climb on the routes, you must submit a score! If you are caught submitting scores after trying the problems multiple days, your scores will not count that week!

Must I attend every week?
No, but without you competing each week, your team will suffer.

Can my team have substitutes?
Nope! No substitutes, sorry.

How does the scoring work?
Scoring is normalized by your handicap, which may be adjusted during the competition.

Wait, what is a handicap?
A handicap is your hardest grade that is consistently climbed during a regular session.

Do the first week’s scores count?
Yes. All weeks of Bouldering League will count toward your score.

I’m not a member, can I participate in Bouldering League?
Bouldering League is open to members, punch holders and guests! Guests can climb on one Bouldering League day each week for a discounted day pass rate of only $18.


  • Each participant will receive a t-shirt or tank! The T-shirt & tanks are unisex.
  • Prizes are given out on finals night for best team name! Please keep names to an appropriate standard.
  • Bouldering League is a fun, inclusive community event! It’s our chance to climb together in a team setting, while seeing progress in climbing each week and supporting others!


  • The first session that you climb the problems each week, you must submit your online scores! Attempts from later climbing sessions will not count!
  • Climb any problem in the week’s new bouldering set (the tags will not have a grade and will say Bouldering League with a number). Mark down the climbs you have completed, and mark whether it was a flash or not.
  • A climber’s top 5 climbs will be scored and will be recorded for that week.
  • All scores must be in for weeks 1-5 by 9pm on Thursday. You can use your phone to enter scores.
  • No SANDBAGGING. Set your honest handicap. A handicap is defined by the hardest grade you can consistently climb in one session.
  • Individuals can climb on any league day. This means that you may climb with your team each week but it is not required.
  • No substitutes allowed.
  • We will be requiring a witness to initial your climbs. Please be honest with your scores!
  • Try hard!


  • A Bouldering League shirt or tank 
  • Entry in a raffle on finals night for a chance to win sweet swag
  • To participate in 6 weeks of Bouldering League!
  • To compete to win the title of Bouldering League champion and a coveted Golden Chalk Bucket and more prizes from our sponsors!
    • What is the golden chalk bucket? You may use this chalk bucket full of chalk for free while in the gym until the next season’s winners steal it back from you!


$100/ Team of 4 or $25 / Climber


*Participants may be members, punch pass holders or guests. A punch will be used for Bouldering League sessions. Guests must pay for a day pass (discounted to only $18) on their chosen climb night.

Registration can be done by a full team or by an individual participant.

  • 4 Climbers maximum per team
  • Free Agents will be assigned to a team
  • No Substitutions
  • Registration includes league night participation, bouldering league shirt, hybrid finals night, raffle entry during finals
  • Indicate T-shirt size
  • Indicate Handicap on Kaya, your hardest grade that is climbed during a single session


For online registration, please be sure you are registering under the “Free Agent” event slot. We will help assign you a team, so that you are solo no more!

/ Climber

Includes: 6 weeks of competition, free Bouldering League shirt/ tank and raffle for competitors on finals night 10/27!




Free Agents