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Alta’s February Send It Challenge

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Building Up for Great Things to Come

This month is an exciting one for us here at Alta! We are hosting a Send It Challenge with our community, finalizing permits for Alta Boulders, and starting to get our metal building UP! We are super pumped to finally have some vertical progress (This has been our hardest project yet…) This month will be a huge stepping-stone in getting Alta Climbing underway in construction and we couldn’t be happier with all of our men on the ground from dcb Construction.

Alta’s February Send It Challenge

During the month of February Alta is having a Send It Challenge! Tag Alta Climbing on Instagram or Facebook in any or all of your adventures! We can’t wait to see the Alta community “sending it” and hope that this will help us get to know you better! We will be picking three winners at the end of the month to win some sweet swag! 1st place prize is an Alta t-shirt, 2nd place is an Alta hat, and 3rd place is an Alta frisbee! While you are all out there sending it, Alta will be making some big progress on the climbing gym!


Featured is David Owens and Tyler Eaves (sons of owners Pam Owens and Eric Eaves) repelling in Northern Arizona



Construction Updates

There are some major construction projects happening for Alta Climbing in February! Here is an estimated timeline for what’s to come this month. 

Monday, Feb. 8 – Our metal building arrives! 11 semi loads of steel!
Tuesday, Feb. 9 – We are pouring our concrete floor (big deal)!
Monday, Feb. 16 – Once the concrete is dry, then we can start constructing the metal building!

From there things will really get moving, we are planning on having the outside of the building up by the end of February! Next up is building out the inside of the building. 

Our awesome men on the ground at dcb Construction have done a great job so far and we are excited to see the progress that we have seen so far! A special thanks to Frank from dcb Construction who has been heading this up as our Superintendent! We have also appreciated all the support and excitement we have received from the local community. We are blessed to be able to have you and can’t wait to get climbing! 

Alta Boulders is coming along as well! We pushed the button for the final design and will now start the engineering of those walls. We can’t wait to show you what those will look like soon! 

Featured are owners Eric and Pam with Dan McComb (Owner of dcb Construction( and Frank Poggi (our Superintendent)


Stay posted to our Instagram @altaclimbingaz and Facebook @altaclimbing for the most recent updates and pictures!